Do The Work


If you want to become rich, please do the f****** work!

A common notion clothed as a clown is financial freedom. Because of all the gurus, I can no longer take it seriously. They give the impression that setting up a 7-figure passive income machine is as simple as paying for a Las Vegas lap dance. “Just press this button, and BAM!” Let me dispel the myth so I can put you on the proper track.

Nobody is actually so smart, despite what everyone on the internet may appear to be. all of us. But the majority of us who have attained financial independence are common people. We worked harder than most others, but we don’t want anyone to know that. The effort was the product of a fierce concentration with what we do that prevented any logical doubts about whether we should be working so hard from impeding our success. We’re less intelligent than crazy. You are prevented from using other people’s ideas because you believe you are smarter than they are. And those fundamental notions are the key to achieving financial independence.

Anyone can learn it on the go. What destroys individuals is the need to know everything in advance. Our corporate employment instill this unhealthy habit in us. Because your journey will be unique from everyone else’s, you cannot prepare for financial independence. To locate the 1-3 revenue streams that will bring you there, you’ll need to explore a little. It’s more about experimenting and iteration than it is about having a strategy. Curiosity, not IQ, is what motivates financial independence.

It won’t happen with a job. Just stop falling for this hoax. Rarely do those who are financially free receive their F-U funds through a job. It is best put by businessman Naval Ravikant: “If you don’t own a piece of a business, you don’t have a path towards financial freedom.”Not all labour is created equal. Someone else will benefit from someone else’s hard work at a job. And anytime they choose, they may utilise the mechanism of layoffs to return you to square one. You own the equity from your labor-intensive firm. Dividends are paid on that equity, and it can even be invested to increase profits. There is no getting around that. To achieve financial independence, establish a business. Simply avoid using the term “business” since it will ruin you. Consider it a secondary job. or generating income online.

It won’t be at all simple. Financial independence is not for people who prefer comfort or an easy life. Playing MarioKart 64 on hard mode for no cause and enjoying life are examples of financial independence. Freedom from debt is pleasant. It strikes differently. Because there is so little competition in life, you should desire to take up challenging endeavours. You are on your own with your laptop, some huge ideas, and a backlog of books to read.

Never feel ready. People tend to put off difficult job because they don’t want to. When I have more free time, when the kids are older, when I finish this course, when I quit my work, etc. It’s terrible. You were born ready, but nobody told you that. The harsh reality is that you may pass away while you’re watching. Freedom is satisfying. Instead then wasting time waiting indefinitely, start working towards it. There is never a good moment to take action.

This is how freedom is attained via completing the f*cking hard job. You create whatever your internet empire will be after work hours. On sometimes, you work on it during the weekends or while driving to work. Other times, you give up vacation time to do it. You cross an unseen threshold of participation when you put in enough hard effort. After then, the job multiplies, and finally the money increases exponentially. Everything will seem pointless at first, but then it will all happen at once. Put more of an emphasis on automating the mechanism that creates the job and less on your emotions.

If you earned it, money may indeed buy pleasure. Great counsel came from President Nixon. According to him, lovely things that money could someday be able to purchase are very important to regular people. They won’t mean anything until you’re financially independent and can buy those things. At golf courses, yacht clubs, and exotic Caribbean islands, according to Nixon, some of the gloomiest individuals he has ever encountered congregate. They had a retirement. not a thing to do. contrasting expensive goods. Many of us, he claims, envision a life filled with riches and unrestricted time. However, that is not genuine financial independence. According to Nixon, having a purpose makes life worthwhile. A goal. the conflict we must overcome to fulfil our aspirations.

The challenges we confront. even when we lose, we still feel amazing satisfaction. Doing the f*cking work is meant to achieve that. The outcomes are not what matter. The journey you take and all the people you meet are important. It involves giving assistance to those who may never repay you. Money may make you happy in this way. Put up the necessary effort to give your life purpose. And disregard all of the pyramid scams designed to make you rich quickly at the expense of finding genuine meaning in life.

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