Guide To Survive Mercury Retrograde


Yes, it ended yesterday. But since we all have lived it for the past few weeks, now is the right time to prepare for the next round of mercury retrograde.

I hate the dreaded “Mercury retrograde.” You have probably heard the saying, but you might not know what it means. In a similar vein, even if you sort of know, you might not believe the hype. Say it isn’t so! You might be tempted to reject it as astrological quackery. However, the fact is that Mercury in retrograde is to blame if you’re feeling a little weird, gloomy, contemplative, or even misunderstood (as in, you’re simply not getting through to others right now!).

So what exactly does that mean? A planet seems to rotate backwards during a retrograde period, then. Mercury’s orbit is significantly shorter than Earth’s since it is the planet nearest to the sun, which causes it to appear to be moving quickly past us at certain times of the year when Earth passes it. It appears to be spinning backward because of this optical illusion. Here’s how to determine. You know, for that nagging sensation of unease you have when you’re not in the know yet can’t resist having. I find it very amusing that the website even exists, so yeah, I do find it humorous. Thank you, beautiful Internet, for that.

Mercury is the planet of communication and technology, so it stands to reason that when it goes retrograde, we here on Earth would be caught off guard. It means that on our planet, trustworthy communication channels occasionally become muddled or crossed, or behave strangely in other ways. Here are some details about what occurs while Mercury is in retrograde and what you can do to stay in control and, yes, even develop during this period.

Prepare to have your plans disrupted. You can count on communication hiccups and snafus by text, phone, email, and even you guessed it! in person. Since you can almost always rely on these irritating misunderstandings occurring, try your best to prevent them by communicating your idea as clearly and succinctly as you can. Meet with them in person if you really must speak to a friend or loved one about a crucial matter. You don’t want to chance having your communications misunderstood or misinterpreted.

If you feel a bit more foggy than usual, don’t worry. Oh, and here’s a neat little tidbit: Mercury also rules our thinking, intellect, memory, and ability to communicate ourselves. Nothing major at all. Mercury governs our perception of mental clarity, so you could feel less mentally alert than usual. We assure you that Mercury is the one playing with your brain, not you! Dark times, which are another name for retrograde periods, personally do not sit well with me. I have a propensity to retreat and internalise, which makes it challenging for me to communicate my feelings. The good news is that you most likely aren’t alone if you can connect to it. I’ve discovered that writing, scrapbooking, and other creative outlets may be very beneficial for times like these.

Avoid making any major choices or adjustments in your life. If you’re a follower of well-known astrologer Susan Miller, you may have noted her adamant advice to avoid making any significant electrical or technology purchases during a Mercury retrograde phase. Similar to that, try to avoid beginning anything new or signing any contracts! In either case, before you put pen to paper during a retrograde session, be sure to read the whole small print—and by that, we mean every single line. It’s possible that important information was overlooked or miscommunicated because Mercury also rules travel, electronics, phones, and other devices, as well as direct lines of contact.

Try not to linger on any mistakes you may make. According to ancient mythology, Mercury is named after the Roman gods’ messenger who was also known as the trickster deity. So, just how does that impact us right now? Mercury is a “trickster” planet that will make sure that crucial signals are misunderstood while also playing with our minds and affections. Mercury, you would. This implies that while certain aspects of your life may appear to be in transition right now, rest assured that everything will work itself out. Try to be as adaptable as you can. Go with the flow at this time, even if you are a complete Type-A personality. And if you do make a mistake, just remember that it will be okay eventually, even if it isn’t now. Move on after offering an apology and making an effort to make amends. Just keep pushing on.

Give the situation some thought. The basis for significant insights later on in the future is frequently laid by mistakes made and lessons acquired now. For instance, if you find yourself obsessing over something, your subconscious mind may be telling you that there is a crucial issue you need to resolve or give top priority to. Simply be aware that it is not advisable to behave during a retrograde phase. Instead, when it comes to making those important life decisions, give yourself the time to ponder and start from scratch.

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  1. Business & Finances says:

    Great information to know!

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  2. Maryanne says:

    It’s good to be aware of Mercury in Retrograde. Then when things are not going as expected, you understand why — it’s not you. Lately I’ve been replaying my days as I go to bed. What was great about the day? What could be better? This is a nice tool to attract more positive things in your life. 🙂

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    1. GS says:

      That’s such a good thing tine Maryanne. Reflecting on our days gives us perspective


  3. This post was so important to me. I’m a Gemini and a writer. My new book has had one delay after another. Fortunately, I’ve learned to redirect my attention instead of getting frustrated. I can’t promote my book as I’d like to do, but I can work in the garden, which has been very rewarding.


    1. GS says:

      Omg, we are so similar. I am a Gemini and a writer too. I struggled so much during the retrograde season to get my thoughts straight. It was like the inspiration was on the tip of my fingers but I was unable to put in down in words. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It helped a lot.


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