This is what unconditional love actually entails since it goes beyond simply feeling strongly about someone.

Unconditional love does not imply that you may lie, deceive, or otherwise mistreat your significant other and expect them to still love you. It doesn’t imply that you are completely unrestrained and can do whatever the hell you want since there are no repercussions and your person will always be by your side. That individual will remain at your side in both the good and the bad times is what unconditional love entails. regardless of job loss. regardless of hair loss. even if it becomes difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning and you lose all hope. Still available to you will be them. They will serve as your solid base and your secure.

If someone loves you unconditionally, they won’t ever criticise you for the clothing you buy at the mall or the music you listen to in the vehicle. It implies that no matter how much weight you have gained or how many acne you have, they will always like you. It implies that they’ll think you’re gorgeous no matter what. Always. even when you think you look the least beautiful. When someone loves you unconditionally, it indicates that they want to spend their time with you, that they accept you as you are and have no desire to alter you in spite of your imperfections. Despite the fact that you occasionally forget to lock the doors, leave the air conditioner on too high, and snore when you sleep. Because they want to live with you, they are prepared to put up with all of that. Because in the great scheme of things, those minor things don’t really matter.

If someone loves you unconditionally, they are aware of your flaws and that you will inevitably make foolish minor mistakes in the course of your relationship. It implies that while they may be upset if you fail to load the dishwasher or remember their anniversary, they will forgive you as long as you promise to work harder the next time. As long as you exert the same amount of effort that they are. In other words, even when you’re old and grey, they’ll still be drawn to you, curious about you, and dedicated to you because they love you unconditionally. even after 20 years have passed and the sparks should have since dissipated. Even if people may take you for granted if they are there all the time.

When someone loves you unconditionally, they accept you for who you truly are. Not for your wallet’s cash. Not for the skin on your bones, please. Not for the home, vehicle, or occupation you’ve built for yourself. If someone loved you unconditionally, they would still like you even if you were devoid of all of those petty characteristics. It implies that the other person would go to any lengths to please you. that they would sacrifice everything for you, including their lives. You are the main cause of their pleasure, thus they will go to any lengths to keep you happy.

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  1. Rochdalestu says:

    A mother (and father), have unconditional love for their children (I know it’s not always the case), but to find this level of love from someone else is something you should cherish and reciprocate


  2. Love this!☺️

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Shaun. Glad you liked the post.

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