I see a lot of posts talking about the pros of travelling, how it is a game changer. But never have I ever come across a post which talks about the cons. Like everything else in this world, travelling has cons too.

While travelling can be an enriching and fulfilling experience, it is not without its drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages of travelling that people may not always discuss:

  1. Travel can be expensive: Travel can be a costly venture, depending on the destination and duration of the trip, which may limit the opportunities for some people, and it can make it difficult to maintain one’s personal financial goals.
  2. It may disrupt your routine: Travelling to new and different places is exciting, but it can also interrupt a well-established daily routine, making it harder to maintain healthy habits. This will leave people feeling unbalanced, disoriented or unproductive.
  3. Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue: Spending time on flights and changing time zones can sap your energy, making you feel lethargic and burned out both physically and mentally.
  4. Missing loved ones back home: Being away from home for an extended period of time can be challenging and lead to homesickness or loneness.
  5. Increased exposure to health risks: Travelling poses the risk of being exposed to different climates, diseases, and pathogens not common in one’s own area. Exposure to new foods and weather changes can also lead to illness or infections in some travelers.
  6. Cultural Shock: Different people have different approaches to life, and when we encounter ways of life that we aren’t familiar or not used to, such as those in different countries, one can encounter culture shock and maybe overwhelmed.

Remembering and acknowledging the aforementioned disadvantages before travelling and taking the required measures to mitigate them can be instrumental in enhancing the overall outlook of anyone’s trip.

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  1. rhoward12 says:

    Great way to pin point the flip side of traveling. There are many ways to be mentally prepared for each adventure but we have to make sure we change our “hat” accordingly!

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  2. Maryanne says:

    Thank you for this. I am one of those rare people who dislikes traveling. Yeah, a great experience but my life is very exciting without travel. I’m not one of these people who dreams about weekends and vacations. I have a great life every single day and I miss that life when I travel.
    Not only do I get homesick, but I’ve had one too many bad airport and plane experiences (while traveling alone). While I love actually being somewhere, the best day of a trip is always the last one. I’ve taken photos of myself in airports and it doesn’t even look like me. I look stressed and nervous.
    Then when I get home, it takes about a day to feel myself again. I don’t like eating in restaurants all those days. I don’t like not always having access to a gym. I don’t like being limited to what is in my travel bag.
    And the longer the trip, I tend to pack twice as much as the average person.
    The best part of travel is swimming in hotel pools. But truth be told, I’d rather see the world from afar on YouTube, in the comfort of my own home. Yes, there is no place like home.

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    1. GS says:

      Hahaha we share a lot in common. I would rather watch YouTube too


  3. Like life itself –it’s a mix. Choose your poison or your healing potion.😀

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